Our Services

As a law firm we recognise the need for a cost effective resolution of any dispute.

We strive to reach the client’s goals in the most cost effective manner, therefore extinguishing all alternative routes before weighing and analysing the risks and cost entailed into proceeding with litigation actions.

We represent clients in a wide range of disputes such as and not limited to the below:

Personal Injury

This area includes actions on matters such as personal injury and property damage claims.

Property Litigation

This area includes actions involving and not limited to property purchasers, landlords and tenants, developers and construction firms.

Company & Commercial Litigation

We advise and take actions in relations to Business disputes, contractual disputes, shareholder disputes and all kinds of Agreement disputes both in a corporate level as well as between individual parties.

Banking Litigation

This area includes actions on behalf of individuals, corporate entities and banks.


We advise and take actions with matters such as divorces, paternity disputes and asset distribution, custody applications.


This area includes actions and assistance on behalf of the clients with the Migration authorities of the Republic of Cyprus, representation before the District and Supreme Court.

Labour law

This area includes actions, advise and mediation on employment matters such as dismissal for both sides of the market, employer and employee.


We advise and represent clients making sure that their rights are represented and protected to the highest possible degree. Specialised in areas such as prosecutions, Traffic offenses, property related crimes, drug offenses, fraud, serious crime and miscarriages of justice.

Cyprus Investment Program

Obtain Cypriot Citizenship (European) or Permanent Residency by investing in Cyprus.